9 February 2017: Trading Update – Correction


9 February 2017

WISHBONE GOLD PLC (‘Wishbone Gold’ or ‘the Company’)
Wishbone Gold Plc / Index: AIM / Epic: WSBN / Sector: Natural Resources

Trading Update – Correction

The following correction has been issued by Wishbone Gold to it’s RNS Number 4221W of today. The RNS stated “The Company achieved its target of exceeding 25 kilos per week by the year end.”This should have read “The Company achieved its budget of exceeding 25 kilos per week by the year end.”

The Company has offered further clarification:

1.    The Company’s target for the year was 100 kilos per week while the budget was 25 kilos per week. The budget has thus been exceeded while the target was missed by the failure of one supplier to ship on time. There is no reason to believe that these shipments will not take place in the future.

2.    The Indian duty rebate has not directly affected Wishbone’s margins but has affected the overall market by ensuring more gold went to India than previously.

3.    Wishbone’s strategy remains unaltered: trading with steady reverse integration upstream to tie-in suppliers. This has worked thus far and the Board expect it to continue to do so.

– ends –

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