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    Financial Year EndLast Update
    31 December30 January 2018

    Total Issued Share Capital

    Ordinary Shares (no Ordinary Shares are held in treasury by the Company)

    Percentage of issued share capital not in public hands

    Significant shareholders holding more than 3% of the Company’s Ordinary Shares

    as at 25 January 2018

    NameNo. of Ordinary Shares Held% of Enlarged Issued Share Capital
    Richard Poulden (1)428,691,77132.8%
    Jonathan Harrison (2)23,076,2001.8%
    Michael Mainelli (3)15,091,7831.2%
    Alan Gravett12,196,72100.9%
    1. Richard Poulden is deemed to be interested in 428,691,771 Ordinary Shares referred to above as follows (and all such Ordinary Shares, other than those of the Black Swan Group are registered in the name of Ashton Nominees Inc.):
      a) 2,000,000 Ordinary Shares held by Richard Poulden’s infant children;
      b) 22,642,857 Ordinary Shares held through the Collins Settlement, a trust for the benefit of Richard Poulden and his family;
      c) 32,505,062 Ordinary Shares held be Black Swan Plc, a Company of which Richard Poulden is the chairman; and
      d) 371,543,852 Ordinary Shares held by Black Swan FZE, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Black Swan Plc.
    2. Jonathan Harrison is deemed to be interested in 23,076,200 Ordinary Shares referred to above as follows:
      a) 5,092,824 Ordinary Shares held in his own name; and
      b) 17,983,376 Ordinary Shares held by Easy Business Consulting Ltd, a company controlled by Jonathan Harrison and owned by Jonathan Harrison and his wife.
    3. 15,091,783 Ordinary Shares are held by Hawksford Jersey Limited. These shares are held for The Z/ Yen Employee Benefits Trust. Michael Mainelli is a director of Z/Yen Group Limited and a potential beneficiary of The Z/Yen Group Employee Benefits Trust.

    Major Shareholders

    NameNo. of Ordinary Shares Held% of Enlarged Issued Share Capital
    Ashton Nominees Inc350,507,14326.9%
    Beaufort Nominees Limited75,662,8755.8%
    Harewood Nominees Limited39,042,1713.0%
    Hargreaves Lansdown Limited64,774,3575.0%
    JIM Nominees Limited161,046,24512.3%
    Lynchwood Nominees Limited81,780,2706.3%
    SVS Nominees Limited52,956,0914.1%
    Solent Nominees Limited239,000,00018.3%