Black Sand FZE


    Black Sand FZE

    Black Sand is a company licensed as a precious metals and gem trader in the UAE offering a secure supply chain from mine to trade.

    Black Sand currently sources from different global gold trading locations Security firms cover the region for secure shipment to Dubai and banks are oriented to international trade. Suppliers are subject to extensive Due Diligence, and are subject to vetting with the respective embassies.

    All trading and supply authorisations are checked with Government and Trade Commissions. Supply contracts set out the precise terms of trade and volumes.

    Black Sand currently operates in Asia and Africa, and Europe.

    UAE provides the ideal trading base, offering a high liquidity of gold into the marketplace. In 2013, 40% of the world’s physical gold was traded through Dubai. The UAE offers an easy operational environment, and a politically stable climate from which to trade, there is also no company or personal tax, and no import or export tax on gold or silver.


    The Board believes gold and precious metals markets provide an attractive investment opportunity, and as such will provide sustainable growth and exposure for shareholders.

    The Board believes that the gold price will continue to strengthen in the medium to long term, leveraged by increasing global demand. China and India will play an increasingly important role of precious metals as it will be a hedge against inflation during a prolonged period of economic upheaval.

    Black Sand is continually negotiating additional supply agreements..

    The Board is acquisitive and strategies laterally, continually reviewing and evaluating precious metals projects globally.

    Honduras Project Updates

    Completed Site April 2018